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Interview: TV Music Composers Mr Miller and Mr Porter

Serving two generations of children with their unique style of music, Mr Miller and Mr Porter have written some of the most well known themes and incidental music to classic television programmes such as Sooty, Panic Station, Art Attack, Motormouth, Basils Swap Shop, Tricky TV, Big Barn Farm and... Read More »

Interview: Sound Designer JR Fountain

In just a few short years, JR Fountain went from a 17 year old 12th grade student dreaming of working in a recording studio, to an award winning sound designer with a string of major television and film sound design roles under his belt. He owns Big Room Sound, a studio providing sound recording, editing,... Read More »

Interview: World War 2 Sound Effects Archive Tomahawk Films

Tomahawk Films has established itself as one of the leading archives of original World War 2 sound effects and Third Reich music tracks and is usually the first stop for professional documentary makers, film, television and post production suites around the world.’s Alan McKinney speaks... Read More »

Review: The SFX Machine Pro

Every now and then you discover a tool that is so useful, easy to use and productive you wonder how you ever managed without it. And that’s exactly what happened when I tried out the SFX Machine Pro for the first time. As a sound designer I often have to work at speed, often just can’t get the ‘right’... Read More »

Review: Wind Shields for Zoom H1, H2, H4 and H4n Audio Recorders

Needing a portable hand-held audio recorder to replace my exhausted Nagra Ares-M, I eventually opted for a Zoom H2. Whilst it's not the most expensive audio recorder on the market and by no means the most feature rich, Zoom recorders are renowned for their audio quality, especially from such low-cost... Read More »

Article: The Foley Artist, Another Man in the Shadows

By Samuel Metivier of Who are you Mr Foley ? The foley artist is the person who reproduces every "natural human sounds" of a movie as opposed to sound effects (sound design).This includes footsteps, fights, door shut, clothes sounds, pouring a glass, horse rides etc... whereas laser... Read More »

Article: Recording Sound Effects, Working with Wind Sounds

Recording and Working with Wind SoundsWind sounds are some of the most evocative sound effects you can use in any media project. The atmospheric and moody sound of wind seems to bring up something within us – perhaps something primal – that stirs our imagination. I believe it’s something deep... Read More »

Article: Recording Sound Effects, Onboard Commercial Aircraft

Recording on commercial aircraft is a complicated and time-consuming task. It involves planning, special equipment, time and money. Although the price of commercial flights has dropped massively over the last few years, security is now tighter than ever making this task even harder. If you are planning... Read More »