Lynne Publishing is a music and sound effects production company owned by established composer, producer and sound engineer, Bjorn Lynne. Bjorn has worked for many years as a composer and sound designer for video games and many have heard his music and funny sounds in - among many other things - the entire series of Worms video games, for which Bjorn has been responsible for all the music, voiceover, sound effects and sound design.

Lynne Publishing operates the highly successful and acclaimed Royalty-Free Music site which has been serving up Stock Music / Royalty Free Music for use in film, video, games, on-hold, Flash/websites, multimedia, YouTube film etc. all the way back to April of 2000, and has maintained the rather astonishing record of having added new royalty-free music tracks to its catalogue every week since then! Every music track is hand picked for quality and usability, which makes the site a lot better for pure quality buyout music, than the so called "community driven" stock music sites, where "anybody" can upload "anything" and it will go out for sale / licensing.

Furthermore, they also own the Sound Effect Download site which, at the time of writing this, sports a massive 130,000 professional sound effects online, and that includes the entire BBC Sound Effects Library and many other libraries - all available for instant download, every sound available individually, not just as monolithic hard drive products with tens of thousands of sounds.

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